The heart of it all

The new Alexanderhof represents the fruition of a long-held dream. We have built a space in which to breathe life into our vision of authentic, origin-driven wine. A refuge for friends and colleagues from around the world to visit us. An estate in which our wines are granted the time they need to embrace their own distinctive character. This is where we live and work, sharing our ambitions of authentic, origin-driven wine reflecting real balance between humanity and nature.

Origin knows no borders

We have the tremendous luck of working with some of the finest sites in our region. Given our own history in this place, it made sense that grand terroir grape varieties, namely Blaufränkisch and Furmint from Bianka's homeland of Hungary, were afforded prime space alongside the local varieties Riesling and Spätburgunder. What unites all four varieties is their extraordinary gift for conveying the finer aspects of the terroir and their capacity to become grand wines, given a proper chance.

Minimal intervention is our tradition

We've learned over the years that nature gives us her best when we trust and support her in finding a natural balance. This applies in both the vineyard and the cellar. After 10 years of consistent biodynamic cultivation, we have reached a point where we can trust fully in the vitality and expression of our vineyards.

We encourage this individual and authentic character through time, precision, and handcraftsmanship. Little wonder then that the wines also reflect our own personalities.

From freedom and terroir

Our wines now exemplify origin, clarity, elegance, and inner quiet. After many years of experimentation, careful listening, assessment, and tasting, we've learned that our greatest joy comes from producing wines that reflect the essence of their terroir and radiate the story of their place. 

Our philosophy has coalesced into three terms that epitomize our wines:

Freiheit - Freiheit for our ideas and desires, freedom for our wines, a creative space without boundaries.

Weg - Our path runs quite literally along the route connecting our vineyards in the various districts around our estate -- We respect the soul of these places and create wines that capture the character of these landscapes.

Lage - The wines from our best parcels are timely ambassadors to grand origins. This is why they bear the names of their unique towns.

We two, in the here and now, at the Alexanderhof

It is really unbelievable how much you can achieve as a twosome — for us starting with a shared concept of sustainable agriculture and living wines. These wines have brought us to fantastic locations around the world and introduced us to many passionate and inspirational people. We've built our estate based on our own vision and have the ideal grape varieties on each site. After many years of travel, we wanted to establish this place as a site of inspiration, dialogue, and to simply enjoy the wine.

Open Origin - Open Terroir

Our origins lie in Germany and Hungary; we've lived and learned about wine in different cultures and are lucky enough to complement and enrich each other through two different perspectives.

Our idea of origin has coalesced around our experiences in recent years, and we speak today about open origins. It's not a matter of borders and conventions, but rather a return to the authentic taste of the earth and forward-looking agriculture.

This idea shapes how we approach wine, and the world.

For all these reasons, and more, we are committed members of Renaissance des Appellations and Demeter. We try to move forward at least one step on this journey every day, conveying our interpretation of the Rheinhessen terroir, our home, to the larger world.