In 2012, Bianka and Daniel Schmitt discovered their passion for natural wine, an affection that swiftly ignited their certainty. 

The couple is dedicated to producing natural wine through their vineyard, emphasising craftsmanship and individualised care for each grape and wine. Their commitment to organic practices without additives, fertilisers, or pesticides aligns with the principles of natural winemaking.A decade later Bianka and Daniel cultivate 15 hectares of vineyard in Wonnegau region of southern Rheinhessen


Their focus on The Demeter certification suggests a dedication to biodynamic farming methods, which prioritize a holistic approach to agriculture, considering the vineyard as a complete ecosystem. The description of their wines as "rough, wild, and unpolished, but amazingly stable" implies that their wines retain a certain rawness and authenticity, showcasing the natural characteristics of the grapes and terroir. This could be seen as a departure from more refined or heavily processed wines, offering a unique and distinct taste experience.


For some people, a radical change may seem different. But for Bianka and Daniel it is not a provocation, but simply the most obvious thing, in harmony with the nature of the work. With joy, the acceptance of the approach and the desire for
on-trade wines grow. By travelling the couple experienced enthusiastic and courageous people in Copenhagen, London, Paris and Berlin sharing their passion and accompany them on their path, without prejudices, without rigid conventions.